Fashions have changed, technology has changed, society has changed, but the drive that people have to capture special moments in their lives in photos has not!

Light Magic is driven by my personal collection of family photographs — from Civil War era tintypes, Victorian era portraits, the Roaring 20s snapshots, and every generation since.

We can bring the spirit of a special time to your events.  Guests may choose from a set of green screen backgrounds that illustrate your theme and play  with our special collection of props from our "old trunk in the attic".

If you have a special photo from your family tree, we'll be happy to emulate the style and setting. We can create a virtual set using green screen or a build physical set created by our set design team.

Call us today to share your vision of a perfect photo design for your next event.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Kay McGinnis Ritter, Light Magic

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